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Visitors' Meeting at The Cross Lanes Hotel

26th September 2013

Your chance to take part in one of BNI Wrexham's weekly meetings.

  • Find out how our members generate regular high quality business for one another
  • Network with our members and other visitors
  • Enjoy a buffet breakfast

You can rest assured that you won't be put under any pressure to join but, if you feel BNI might work for your business, you will be werlcome to submit an application.

Full details and registration form on our Events website www.wrexhambusinessevent.co.uk

A selection of previous news:

BBQ - Cross Lanes Hotel

Rachael Jones from Nightingale House with the raffle moneyBNI Wrexham Barbeque was held on Friday 19th August 2011. Good weather, good location, good food, good company and a slick operation by the Cross Lanes with their barbeque operation. Perhaps most important of all is that £190 was raised from the raffle for Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham.

View a slideshow of the night

If you are thinking of having a BBQ and not having to do the work, contact The Cross Lanes Hotel, Marchwiel, Wrexham, LL13 0TF - 01978 780555.

10-Minute Demonstration by Pete Bransby

Thursday 25th February 2010

Pete Bransby of PMB Landscapes really pulled out the stops to give us an imaginative 10 minute presentation. He had been to the Cross Lanes the night before to set up his props so that he could demonstrate the correct way of laying patio slabs and block paving. It was an informative demonstration of a craftsman at work and led to an immediate referral. Well done Pete!

Visit www.pmb-landscapes.co.uk for more information

Gliding at Long Mynd

Friday 19th June 2009

The high flyers were up in the air again on a wonderful June evening. The weather, according to the Midlands Gliding Club members looking after us, was just about perfect for gliding. As the pictures on the right show, there were amazing cloud formations - picturesque to the untrained eye but heaven for a glider pilot, with the steady westerly wind and wave clouds combining to give excellent lift along the Long Mynd ridge.

We were treated to a well organised flying session with everyone returning from their flight with a grin from ear to ear. Some of the braver members opted for aerobatics and experienced multiple "loop the loops".

The flying was followed by another excellent meal in the club house, with the legendary Heidi coming up with the goods again.

Thanks to all the gliding club members for providing us with a memorable eventing, and a particular thanks to BNI Wrexham Events Coordinator and Midlands Gliding Club member, Dave Jones of North Wales Independent Advice for his efforts not only in organising the event for us but for being one of the pilots taking us into the air.

See a picture gallery of the gliding at Long Mynd
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See the previous gliding event held in June 2007

BNI Wrexham Christmas Party

held on Saturday 6th December 2008

BNI Wrexham held their Christmas Party at The Cross Lanes Hotel, Marchwiel, Wrexham on Saturday 6th December. It was an enjoyable evening and over £400.00 was raised for Claire House Children's Hospice from a raffle and an auction, which included a Liverpool FC shirt signed and presented to Claire House to help with their fund-rasing efforts by Stephen Gerrard, and a 30-minute helicopter flight kindly donated by Ken Ward of MA Autos.

View a slideshow of the party
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Wrexham Business Week Event

BNI Visitors' Meeting - Experience the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

The Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Marchwiel, Wrexham
Thursday 23rd October 2008 from 8.00am to 11.00am

A chance to experience the incredibly vibrant and productive atmosphere of a BNI networking meeting.

See for yourself how you could be building your business with the proven format and support structure honed over many years by the world's largest and most successful business networking organisation.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Tim Morland at Merit Travel on 01978 291482 to book your ticket(s).

Visitors' Meeting

The Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Marchwiel, Wrexham
Thursday 27th March 2008 7am - 8.30am

Our weekly breakfast meeting will be given over to introducing visitors to the benefits of business networking through BNI. Find out how you could be growing your business while many of your competitors are still asleep!

If you are interested in attending, please contact our Chapter Director, Mr Ken Ward on 01978 780197.

Christmas Ball

Held at The Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Marchwiel, Wrexham on
Tuesday 1st December 2007, the Christmas Ball was a great success and over £2000 was raised for Claire House Children's Hospice through a raffle and an auction.

Picture of Ken Ward reading his speech from a long piece of paper
Chapter Director, Ken Ward begins his long speech watched over by Professional Toastmaster, Shawn Davies.

More about the event - Wrexham Evening Leader Article 31/12/07

Wrexham Business Week Event

BNI Business to Business Networking Lunch

The Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Marchwiel, Wrexham
Tuesday 23rd October 2007. 11.00am - 4.00pm

High Flyers at BNI Wrexham

29 June 2007

BNI Wrexham took networking to new heights when eight members took to the skies above Shropshire for an unforgettable gliding experience.  Loop-the-loops and other dare-devil aerial acrobatics were the order of the evening as the entrepreneurs mixed their business with pleasure more than two and a half thousand feet above sea level.

One of our members, Dave Jones of Wrexham based IFA North Wales Independent Advice is an instructor at the Midland Gliding Club at The Long Mynd, near Church Stretton and has been gliding for more than 25 years. Dave organised the event for us and it was a resounding success. He even managed to sort out a perfect weather window in an otherwise typical 2007 summer week.

Dave says, “Gliding gives you a sense of freedom, as well as wonderful views. To me, there’s nothing more exhilarating than flying thousands of feet up using just the energy in the air!”

All the BNI novice pilots were accompanied by an instructor. The dual control gliders were winched into the air at an angle of 45 degrees, reaching a speed of nought to sixty in three seconds. 

Peter Leslie, from web design company Oraica Ltd, took control of the glider for most of his flight. Peter says, “The take-off felt like you were being catapulted into space. Flying a glider was an incredible experience. I’d definitely go again!”

Our current Director, Penny Moorhouse from Brian Jones Auto Services says, “You don’t have to perform a loop-the-loop to join us, but we do like our networking to be fun as well as business focused!"

The Midland Gliding Club was established more than 75 years ago.  Its former members include Amy Johnson who was the first woman to fly solo to Australia in 1930. For more information visit the club's website: www.longmynd.com

A view of Long Mynd Gliding Club from the air

An aerial view of The Midland Gliding Club, Long Mynd from the glider

Photographs © 2007 Oraica Ltd

In a Whirl at the Breakfast Meeting - 25 May 2006

Ken Ward of M.A. Autos caused quite a stir at our weekly breakfast meeting by turning up in the most impressive vehicle to date. We are used to seeing him arrive in Bentleys and Ferraris but he topped the lot with his new helicopter!

Ken says "Having spend a few quid in January on the new helicopter I started my year motivated, more focused and determined to increase buiness to help fund the new extravagance. "

"Rejoining BNI Wrexham is a cornerstone in my renewed business momentum and I have increased turnover in the first quarter by 55%."

Tim Morland, David Williams and Ken Ward with Ken's new helicopter at the Cross Lanes Hotel
Tim Morland - Wrexham BNI Chapter Director, David Williams - BNI Cheshire
& North Wales and Ken Ward of MA Autos, helicopter owner and pilot.

M.A. Autos - Classis, Sports and Executive Vehicles - maautosuk.co.uk.

Wrexham Business to Business Exhibition

Held at the Cross Lanes Hotel on Friday 1st December 2006 from 10.30am to 4.30pm

Part of the Wrexham Business Week, this event, sponsored by BNI Wrexham.

Further details can be found on the event's website www.wrexhambusinessevent.co.uk

Wrexham Business Week Event - Thursday 10th November 2005
at the The Cross Lanes Hotel, Bangor Road, Marchwiel, Wrexham

"Word of Mouth Marketing - the most cost effective way to grow your business."

BNI Wrexham members were on hand to talk to visitors about how BNI has helped them to develop their business, and members' trade stands.


Ewan Sturman
Networking Consultant

'Making your handshake worth more'
John Haynes
Director of Liverpool Coaching Academy
'The clock's ticking - change the way you do business'

The event was a great success with vibrant and uplifting talks from both speakers. Perhaps the most lasting advice from John Haynes, which was no doubt ringing in the ears of the audience long after they left the event, was "ASK, ASK ASK... If you need something ... ASK, ASK, ASK .."

If you ever get a chance to hear John speak, don't miss it. He really knows how to get important messages across.

Thanks to Ewan and John for their help in making the event such a success.

BNI 12 - Held monthly at different venues around North Wales and the North West of England

A chance for BNI members from Wrexham to network with members from other chapters within the Northwest of England and North Wales region.

Visitors are also welcome - just turn up - no need to book. Find out more about the BNI and meet members from a wide range of businesses. It is a completely informal meeting and you will not be put under any pressure whatsoever to join. Bring plenty of business cards to make the most of the opportunity. You will be amongst seasoned networkers who will be interested in knowing about your business and what you have to offer.

Look out for more information on this website or the BNI Northwest website.

BBQ - 26th June 2005

Another successful event at the same venue as last year. Once again our host, Ken Ward provided the perfect setting and perfect weather. We were treated to excellent steaks, chicken portions, sausages, salads, wines bottle-conditioned ale from Hanby Brewery in Wem, a game of bowls on the lawn and even a busker. A wonderful afternoon.

Picture of BNI members sitting under parasols

Karting - 25th June 2005

Three Wrexham BNI members experienced the thrills and spills of karting at The Circuit in Sandycroft, Deeside. What an experience it was, with close racing in every event.

Picture of Peter Leslie, Christine Carter and Graham Carter in their racing overalls standing under a Michelin banner

The team certainly didn't disgrace themselves. Peter was 6th fastest, Graham was 9th and Christine was 16th out of 20. Most of the competitors were young men in their 20s and our team was slightly older!

Also competing were Matt, Tom and Richard Mann, sons of Robert Mann, the Mattress Doctor from Cheshire Oaks BNI. Richard took third place. Congratulations to him.

Picture of karts on the track Graham waits to enter the pits. Pity he turned his head back around before the shot could be taken!

The Ultimate in Member to Member Networking! - 1st April 2004

It is a pleasure to announce the marriage of two Wrexham BNI members. Graham Carter, Group Director with The Utility Warehouse and Christine Heywood of CMS Fleet Management Services were married at St. Mary's Church in Eccleston near Chester.

What had started as a dull and damp day turned into a beautiful spring afternoon for the service at 3pm. The occasion was even more special with the ceremony being conducted by Graham's brother, the Reverend Noel Carter.

We wish Graham and Christine every happiness for their future life together.

Picture or Graham and Christone Carter at their wedding with Eccleston Church in the background

Santa Drops In - 17th December 2004

The final meeting of 2004 was just getting started when a surprise visitor bowled in. Santa certainly puts in the hours at this time of year. To do all the good work we know he does throughout the day and night and then still have time to attend BNI breakfast meetings as a substitute really is commendable!

After the meeting Santa posed for photographs in return for donations for Claire House Children's Hospice. Here he is with Lyn Palmer of Kingsbridge Allen.

Santa with Lyn Palmer

Acorn Arborcare in the News - 1st October 2004

Nick Lumb recently announced that his employee, Simon O'Rouke had been awarded the bronze medal in the English Open Chainsaw Carving Competition. Not only that, but that the sculpture had been purchased by the Queen's Sandringham estate.

Here is a link to an excellent article published on the BBC website:

Wood carver's royal customer (BBC Website)

Acorn Arborcare Website

BBQ 5th September 2004

The best weather all Summer. Superb food and beer. An incredible raffle prize - a half hour flight in a helicopter.

£135.00 collected on the raffle for Claire House Children's Hospice.

Picture of BNI Members enjoying the Barbeque
Picture of Graham Carter cooking the meat on the barbeque
Picture of Ken Ward's helicopter in the air
Picture of Ken Ward's helicopter in the air



PMB Landscapes 10 Minute Presentation

Pete Bransby of PMB Landscapes demonstrates the art of slab laying

Gliding at Long Mynd

Friday 19th June 2009

The tug aircraft tows a glider into the air

A glider turning on the approach to landing

A glider on the ground with the tug aircraft coming in to land

See more pictures on the gallery page
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The Previous Gliding Event in June 2007

Picture of article about the gliding evening from the BNI Success Net magazine

Read the article about our gliding evening in June 2007 from the BNI SuccessNet magazine

Reproduced by kind permission of BNI SuccessNet magazine

Picture of a glider being winched into the air

The amazing take-off. 0-60 in under 3 seconds! Picture of the instrument display

In the air - the instruments

Picture of a glider soaring over the hills on the landing approach

The landing approach is pretty spectacular too!

Picture of Peter Leslie getting out of the glider

Peter Leslie getting out of the glider after his flight, with (left-right) Derek Platt, Mark Sanders both from Midland Gliding Club, Jonathon Moore from PriceMaurice Ltd in Llangollen and Richard Platt, also from Midland Gliding Club.

Picture of Ken Ward's helicopter

Picture of Ken Ward, Ray Squire and Mark Kendrick with the helicopter

Ken explains navigation procedures to BNI Wrexham members Ray Squire of Driven by Q and Mark Kendrick of Frozen Moon Productions

Download movie file showing take-off (Low quality mobile phone video)
























Picture of BNI members and their partners enjoying the sunshine







Picture of Peter Leslie sitting in a kart in the pits
Chris at the start

Picture of Peter Leslie racing a kart
Peter in action