How It Works

BNI’s philosophy is Givers Gain®, which is simply this:

“If I give you business, you’ll want to give me business”.

We teach our members how to attract and win more new business through word of mouth using our unique Referral Marketing System – a proven method for generating a continuous flow of reliable, quality new business just for you. It sounds complicated but it isn’t and more importantly it works like a dream.

BNI is like having your own unpaid marketing team working for you, because your fellow members give out your cards and refer your business to people they meet. Why do they do this? Because they know you are doing exactly the same for them. Even in this digital age, we all know that “People buy People”, which is why BNI’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing is so successful for many different trades and professions.

“Today 91% of our clients come through BNI” Steve Feeney, Essential Marketer, Birmingham, England

BNI provides a structured, supportive, business environment for local business people to network, learn valuable new skills and develop strong personal relationships. The resulting trust is the key that unlocks the door to a wealth of new business because once you have established that trust, your fellow BNI members will have the confidence to give you referrals.

Meeting Structure

The structure of these meetings has been honed over many years and is now distilled into the most efficient networking meeting there is. The agenda for each meeting is as follows:

6.45am – Everyone arrives, networking, greetings, coffee!
7.00am – Meeting commences.
7.05am – Networking Education – learn how to network effectively.
7.10am – Members and visitors take 60 seconds each to present their businesses.
7.50am – 10 minute presentation by a member to showcase their business.
8.20am – Notices, Announcements.
8.30am – Meeting close, networking.